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Theology Matters

Theology Matters is an online educational resource intended to equip viewers with the tools required to investigate, and reflect on the ways in which our beliefs interact our their lived experiences of the world. Theology Matters starts with the recognition that we both influence, and are influenced by the world around us. Following this recognition, we believe that we have a responsibility to challenge, interrogate, and reimagine our beliefs in light of new understandings of the world.

Theology Matters seeks to empower those who do not have access to a traditional theological education while also providing resources for pastors and theology students who are interested in exploring new ways to make theological concepts accessible. While theological questions are often reserved for those who we recognize as experts, Theology Matters firmly believes that any genuine conversation about the importance of theological reflection that leaves out the experiences of normal working people falls short.

t Theology Matters, we do not simply seek to bridge the gap between academic theology and the lived experiences of those who exist at the margins of society, but we seek to reimagine what theological education and exploration looks like outside of that paradigm.

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