Romans as Resistance with Rev. Anne Dunlap - Episodes 40 & 41

"Do not be conformed to this world..." (Ro. 12:2) Is it possible we've gotten Romans all wrong? What if Romans was meant to be heard as resistance against Empire? Come take a listen, and better grasp how such a reading from Paul's letter to the Romans can help us in our resistance against Empire today. "Fierce Rev" Anne Dunlap pumps up the volume and brings her voice of resistance on Episode 40 of the Brew Theologhy Podcast. This is Part 1 of 2 with Dunlap.  

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*Rev. Anne Dunlap is an ordained United Church of Christ minister serving as Community Minister for Racial Justice and Solidarity in the Denver, CO area and is a member of the United Church of Montbello. She also works with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). Rev. Dunlap is committed to the work of justice and collective liberation, working in freedom movements with folks across race, gender, and class lines for over 25 years, with a particular passion for solidarity with black, immigrant, worker, and indigenous communities. She was named Outstanding Alumna in 2011 from the Iliff School of Theology, where she also serves as adjunct faculty. You might also find her herbcrafting, hiking, watching birds, doing chores at her friend’s goat farm, watching baseball, enjoying opera, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life with her beloved of 22 years and their kitty. Check out her website at


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