“Leaving A-Holiness Behind & Salvation” with Christian Piatt & Adam Clark - Episode 25

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In episode 25 of the Brew Theology Podcast we are live in Redondo Beach at #TheologyBeerCamp with Christian Piatt & Adam Clark. Christian is the co-host of Homebrewed Culture Cast and author of the recent book, Leaving A-Holiness Behind: From Pious Jerk to Not So Pious Jerk. Adam is a professor at Xavier and is the author of the upcoming book, Homebrewed Christiantiy's Guide to Salvation. If you like this brewtastic episode and other BT shows, give us a sweet 'lil share on the interwebs, rate BT on iTunes and give a hopilicious review, please!

Thank you to Tripp Fuller and Homebrewed Christianity for hosting this event in Cali.

Oh... and if you want in on upcoming #secrets that may or not involve beer, theology and the Mile High City, email Ryan (ryan@brewtheology.org). Shhhh.... #TheologyBeerCamp


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