"Islam" with Iman Jodeh - Episode 12


In Episode 12 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Janel Apps Ramsey and friends - Leah White, Liz Wolfert & Dan Rosado - interview Iman Jodeh about Islam. As a first-generation Palestinian American, Iman is fluent in Arabic and maintains a second home in Ramallah, Palestine. She is the co-founder of Meet the Middle East, a locally based non-profit that aims to foster relationships between the Middle East and the West through education and immersion travel. Iman also teaches the Enrichment courses, The Israeli Palestinian Conflict: From Ancient History to Today’s Headlines as well as Life Under Occupation: A Palestinian Perspective, and regularly guest lectures to various groups in the Denver Metro Area about Islam and the geo-political situation of the Middle East.

Enjoy the episode, friends. & Share the hopilicious brew.