“Theodicy” - The Problem of Evil, Pain & Suffering - Episode 11

For thousands of years humanity has wrestled with suffering. Buddhism starts with the noble truth that all of life consists of suffering. Aching for meaning and seeking religious insight, humans have grappled with karma, and brought theodicy – attempting to answering the questions of why a good deity permits the materialization of evil – to light in an age of uncertainty, doubt and confusion. While suffering is relative, and in some cases easier to make sense (i.e. working out and working hard has a “pain” component), the deeper questions ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” &, “Do all events have a purpose?” Is God all powerful and able to stop A, B or C? Then Why...?

In Episode 11 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Ryan and friends - Vlad, Amanda, Andy & Kyle - hash out the most age-old and relevant questions regarding trauma. God is on trial, indeed...  

Enjoy the episode, friends. & Share the hopilicous brew.