Brew Theology in Asheville for Homebrewed Christianity's 10th Birthday Edition: Theology Beer Camp! The pre-gaming festivities begin at 9AM as Brew Theology kicks off this brewtastic gathering at Habitat Brewing Co. We'll start the day sipping on some local coffee, unpacking our hopilicious religious/ theological/ spiritual "labels," and diving into what it takes to cultivate a healthy, Brew Theology community. We'll focus on how our theological stories create meaningful, interfaith communities. Your hosts, Ryan Miller & Janel Apps Ramsey (Co-Directors of BT), will guide you through this fun-filled, interactive day; you'll glean tidbits of wisdom, get to know some new, nerdy friends, finally see what Joel Osteen and Tripp Fuller have in common (Shhhhh... Don't tell him!), and even do this transformative, life-changing endeavor: brewing some zesty theology in community! 

P.S. And the answer is YES! Good beer will be served at this awesome, local brewery.