One of the things we offer through Brew Theology is pre-built curriculum. Our curriculum is kept at an easy to read length of about 1 1/2 pages. We include a list of alternate resources and a list of discussion questions. By using our curriculum, you can simply and effectively bring many topics to the table without having to research them yourself. 

Our topics are built to work with people from many backgrounds and traditions. Everyone is welcome to the table. You can access a sample curriculum here. Feel free to download this sample and give it a try.

God Is or Is Not - a discussion on the attributes of God.

Available Topics

Following is a list of current available topics. We have many more and will continue to add to the list as we cover them in the podcast. If you are curious about other available topics, just let us know.

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  • Atonement Theories - a discussion about the ways we understand the saving act of Christ

  • #blessed - a discussion about being #blessed, blessed, and how we get there or don't.

  • Check Your White Privilege - a discussion about white privilege.

  • Devils and Demons - a discussion about the spiritual encounters that might leave you a little shaken.

  • Empire Strikes Back - a discussion of what it means to belong to and serve the empire vs. having and participating in faith.

  • Feminism and Unconscious Bias - a discussion about how unconscious (or implicit) gender bias impacts women and gender equality.

  • Free Will vs. Determinism - a standard theological discussion about whether or not humans have free will.

  • God Is or Is Not - a discussion on the attributes of God.

  • Islam, with Iman Jodeh - a discussion of Islam curated by Iman Jodah, founder of

  • Liberation Theology (Rags to Riches) a discussion about theology that focuses on the oppressed, marginalized, and poor.

  • Pluralism - a discussion about how people with different beliefs and from different religions can have meaningful and valuable conversation.

  • Prayer - a discussion about prayer that includes hands-on elements for exploring different methods of prayer.

  • Theodicy - a discussion about the problem of evil in the world.

  • Transgender - a discussion curated by Paula Williams that talks about issues around being transgender.

Here are some other topics… if ya don’t see it, I’m sure we’ve covered it! Just ask.

The Essence of God/ G-d/ gods, etc.
The Hereafter
South American Liberation Theology
Calvinism and Arminianism
Religious Labels
The Historical Jesus
LGBTQ and same-sex marriage
Evil and Suffering
Attributes of God
Gifts of Imperfection
Living Buddha, Living Christ
Protest and Protestantism
Pagan Xmas

Eastern Orthodoxy
Spirit & Conscience
Politics and Religion
Science and Faith
Relational Philosophy
Spiritual, Charismatic Gifts