We. Brew. Theology.

Welcome to your home on the web for brewtastic pub and coffee house communities. Here at Brew Theology we want to help you have healthy, meaningful, and eclectic conversations in your community. We like to bring all kinds of people around the table to talk about things in life that really matter, find common good and make a tangible difference in our communities. 

We're here to equip a variety of communities, individuals, organizations,
churches, start-ups and existing institutions to better navigate through a world with vastly different views, lifestyles and beliefs.

Awesome Conversation

Brew Theology promotes conversation much like a flight of samples. Many different people, from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, having one awesome conversation. We love it when people can come together in a divided world, and meet around the table.


A Variety of Topics

When we gather together, we bring it all to the table. Nothing is left out. We engage all kinds of topics. We come authentically to the conversations in hopes that we can gain new perspectives, learn something new, and even make new friends. Hearing perspectives from other people helps our own to grow.

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Local and Global

We hail from the great state of Colorado. We meet in Breweries and Pubs in and around Denver, CO. We have an amazing group of people that have inspired us to share this experience with others. Our dream is to help you, wherever you are, start your own community. We offer a podcast, curriculum, and help along the way.