You can Join Us

We want to partner with all kinds of organizations, religious groups, and individuals to spread the ability to have meaningful conversation in Pub and Coffee Shop communities.


Help spread the conversation and support Brew Theology. Your support means we can:

start new groups
keep cranking out new curriculum and put on collaborative events
provide training and assistance
support local businesses - pubs, breweries, and coffee shops
give to things that matter including
The Table Denver (food) and Charity Water (water). 

You can join Brew Theology at the following levels through Patreon. This is currently the best way for us to process reoccurring payments. Thank you for joining the Brew Theology family! Let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

Look for the options titled PARTNERSHIP and sign up there. 

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It always quenches the thirst, and is easy to drink with anyone.

This is the easiest way to become an affiliated partner. Your ministry and/ or organization gets: the “Brew Theology” logo (if your group does a brew theology in your city/ town/ burb, etc.). We will link you on the website.  You give us a shout out on occasion, and we’ll do the same… You join us, and we’ll make sure others know how to find you via our website. We’ll retweet and reshare your gatherings cuz that’s what good beer drinking buddies do!

Includes: Leadership Guide. Use of Logo. Joining our Network.

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Belgian Wit

It’s the “breaking through the wall” brew. Most people talk about their first “Blue Moon” experience as the season they progressed to becoming a bit of a beer snob, so to speak. This brewtastic level bumps you to the land of really brewing your theology and taking this community of yours to the next level.  You will get all the delicious components that come with a Pilsner, plus monthly curriculum and an hour of coaching.

Includes: Pilsner+ 1 Curriculum/month, 1 hour of coaching.

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Known as the “transport” brew, you can transport Brew Theology and your organization to the next level with this sponsorship. You get all of the perks of the Pilsner & Wit partnerships, but due to your ability to move past “summer” and move into the fall (Porters are known for being a fall and winter drink), we’ll give you free curriculum year-round. We’ll mention you as a sponsor on the Brew Theology podcast. Let's keep this organization brewing along, friends.

Includes: Belgian Wit+ 2 Curriculum/month, 1 hour of coaching.

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This drink is hopilicious and hits you in the nose! You know you’ve got a drink in your hands. This sponsorship - like an IPA - sticks with you. You get all the perks to the Pilsner, Wit and Porter. This piney level will sponsor puts the hops in HOPPY!

Includes: Porter+, extra coaching, 2 T-shirts.

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Whiskey Barrel Stout

Only for the ones who are going to sit with you all night and sip on this yummy goodness, this level of sponsorship lives up to its name, indeed! Obviously, you’ll get the perks to the Pilsner, Wit, Porter and IPA levels, but you’ll also get your organization’s name on our website’s home page. You (&/or your team) get to be on the Brew Theology podcast!

Includes: IPA+ 2 pint glasses, and a guest spot on the Brew Theology Podcast

* We ask for a one year commitment on the monthly partnership.