Here are some people that believe in the work that we are doing at Brew Theology. They have met us and know us, and believe that the work we do is making a difference in world. Will you join them and us in bringing about conversations of change?

Brew Theology is a way to engage people in conversation that matters and community that endures. Ryan Miller is creating a new paradigm for how to build communities of faith, and he knows what he is doing. The future for Brew Theology is bright, and I commend them for their excellent and important work.
— Paula Stone Williams (Pastoral Counselor, Speaker, Church & Non-Profit Consultant & Writer)
Brew Theology is the Captain Planet or Voltron of the church. High quality concoctions can make beautiful magic and when you bring together craft beer, quality theology, diverse friendships, & healthy conversations that is just what happens.
— Tripp Fuller (Author, Speaker, Founder and Host of Homebrewed Christianity)
In an increasingly divisive world, there are few safe places people can go to discuss the complex issues of our modern life. Brew Theology is just such a place. It is a unique community of people with diverse religious, philosophical and political convictions who come together to respectfully share their views and learn from others. The Brew Theology - Denver community is a welcome contributor to the social fabric of our city, and I hope it continues to grow.
— Stephen Redden (Pastor of Discipleship and Multiplication, New Denver Church)
In this time when so many are talking about how traditional churches are struggling, Ryan Miller is ‘tapping’ into the reality that just because young people aren’t going to ‘church’ doesn’t mean they don’t have big questions and big hopes on what it looks like to live faithfully in the world. Ryan ‘get’s it’ and is reaching out to help others get it too.
— Rev. Amanda Henderson (Executive Director, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado)
Even though countless men and women of all ages have left “church” as they once knew it or have had a change in once-deeply held beliefs, many still have strong desire for meaningful and challenging conversations about things of faith. It’s often hard to find those spaces, and Brew Theology bravely brings some of these conversations to life in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.
— Kathy Escobar (Author of "Faith Shift," Pastor at The Refuge)