Devils & Demons - Episode 16

In Episode 16 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Ryan and friends - Janel, Chris, Monica & Liz dive into the abyss of darkness and talk about their experiences and theology with devils and demons.  

Dana Carvey’s classic, Church Lady skit on SNL from the 90’s brings us to the hilarious and haunting question, “Could it be SATAN?” Perhaps you’re familiar with John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” which describes Lucifer’s descent from the heavenly realm. Maybe you’ve been Bedazzled by Elizabeth Hurley, the sly princess of darkness released in 2000. How about Al Pacino’s stellar performance in “The Devil’s Advocate?” There’s no shortage of red-horned, culturally devilish goodness.

The conversation of Satan and demons has been around for thousands of years. Some want to label the “demonic” and/ or “satanic” as simply aspects to address liberation theology, tangibly rescuing those held in oppression. Others seem to talk of the supernatural in literal terms, and in so doing, dismiss the conversation and application of human-based delinquencies and social change. What about you?

Enjoy this devilish episode, friends!

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Patriotism and Protest - Episode 6

Episode 6: “Patriotism & Protest”

September 25, 2016

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” – Colin Kaepernick (QB, San Francisco 49ers)

Many critics are livid! Others are cheering him on! Do these types of protests even make a difference? Can you be a patriot and a protestor at the same time? What does it mean to break down a protest, theologically? 

In episode 6 of the Brew Theology podcast, Ryan Miller and friends, Janel Apps Ramsey, Dan Rosado & John Reynolds hash out this hot topic... We'd love to hear back from you. Enjoy. 

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Transgender, with special guest Paula Williams - Episode 3

Why do you think so much of the population finds transgender people to be, in some way, threatening?  Is it because of a lack of understanding, or is something else at play? In this episode of Brew Theology, Ryan Miller and some Denver friends (Craig Broek, Liz, Wolfert, Stef Madison & Meghan Ramirez) sit down with special guest, Paula Williams, and talk about all things, "transgender." Put in your earbuds, crank up the volume, and get ready to brew theology, my friends.*

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Feminism & Unconscious Bias - Episode 2

Statistics show that when women and men interview for the same job blindly and asked for extra compensation or bonuses; when the interviewers find out their gender “they were 28 percent less interested in hiring the female candidate. They also judged her as 27 percent less likable.”

The challenge when confronting these biases is that the more we know other people have them, the less likely we are to try to change them in ourselves. When we find out other people have biases too, changing ourselves doesn’t almost seem so important. We are seeing this response in children as they are watching abuse go mainstream in the election. (Like current concerns with kids as they watch Donald Trump.) Other studies show that these biases are so entrenched that as the number of women in a profession grows, the compensation goes down - after all, if a woman can do it, it can’t be that complicated or important, can it? 

Change begins with us...

In Episode 2 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Denver pub theologians, Liz Wolfert, Meghan Ramirez, Alex Mikulas and Janel Apps Ramsey along with Ryan Miller dive into this relevant and hot topic. 


Introducing Brew Theology - Episode 1

In Episode 1, Ryan Miller gives a brief history of Denver Pub Theology, shares some of his heart along with some easy "How To's" - the 1, 2, 3's -  to other spiritual communities who may want to brew some theology and get a cool and highly relevant pub gig going on their turf in the days, weeks & months ahead... Cheers!*

*Topical DPT episodes coming soon with Denver Pub Theologians...