Partnership and Logo Usage Agreement

In order to use the Brew Theology Logo and to be part of our network,
you agree that:

1. Brew Theology is inclusive. Everyone is welcome to the table. Every perspective is welcome to the table. We ask everyone to follow the rules, and as long as they are willing to do that, they are welcome.

1) No soapboxes allowed; no one person or viewpoint gets “the last word”
2) Respect all others and their viewpoints.
3) Extend courtesy by listening well.
4) Everything is up for discussion.
…Don’t be a jerk.

Unless someone breaks the rules and is asked to leave, everyone is welcome to participate.

2. Brew Theology is not a tool for bait and switch. This is not a recruiting tool, an evangelism tool, or a religious soapbox. This is a place where we all can meet and discuss our similarities and differences.

3. Brew Theology is respectful of all human beings – female, male, gay, straight, transgender, brown, black, white, skinny, fat, drinkers, abstainers, liberals, conservatives, independents, all religious observers, atheists, agnostics, the disabled, and any other category of person. We respect all humans.

4. Brew Theology does not abuse of other people, arm twist, bate and switch, or discriminate. Using Brew Theology in this way will automatically invalidate your participation as a Brew Theology partner. Refunds will not be given if you are found to be breaking these terms. You will no longer be allowed to use our branding, participate in our network, or use our name.

5. You will not copy or redistribute our curriculum beyond the needs of your local Brew Theology Group. All content is copyrighted by Brew Theology.