"Skol" is another word for cheers. A word that wishes good things for your drinking companions. 

I learned this word from a friend's grandmother. She's a beautiful woman who doesn't always know everything that's going on anymore, but she wants to make sure you know you are loved. And so, whether with water or gin, or watered down gin, she wants to "Skol" before taking a drink.

Deep in the heart of her subconscious, she knows that wishing others well and meeting around the table to do so, is a vital part of what it means to be human. She knows that this universal greeting brings people together and binds us to one another.

And when we are bound to one another; when our well being and success as humans rests on living this life together, we all succeed. And in our current situation, if we don't learn how to return to the table, we may lose the ability to Skol with each other.

I am so thankful for the meeting around the table and making friends. For being able to talk about difficult things and still hug each other at the end. To get to taste new things, and hear new things, and have new experiences.

Last night I got to meet around the table with Muslim, who was welcomed to join us even without drinking alcohol. I learned things about a tradition I know very little about. My assumptions were challenged. And I was challenged to widen my understanding.

It wasn't always comfortable or easy, but it was valuable and meaningful. But it took being intentional and making space to sit with someone different from me. To hear what she had to say and to let it sink in. To meet and talk and think together. 

So how does that sounds to you? I have to tell you, it's pretty awesome. 

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